Champion Mechanical Horse circa 1940 – 50s


When the railroad came to Fairview in 1928 Walter Hemstock, an early pioneer in the area, built  a general store on main street. The store was later taken over by son Joe Hemstock. When the Mechanical Horse was brought in it soon became a very popular ride for children. Joe would always have a pocket full of dimes to make sure anyone could ride!

Champion is on display at the museum and still operates. We have had many children ride it as well as a few adults that remember riding him many years ago.


Portable Pump Organ(1939-1940)

Used by the Anglican church when services were held in private residences. It folds down to a large suitcase size.



Quilt depicting the journey of Father James McLeod and family from Clyde Alberta to Waterhole in 1912. The family left Whiteriver Ontario with all their belongings loaded on a railcar bound for Edmonton on March 26, 1912. Quilt was made by Minerva Horton in 1968.

mission  house model.JPG

Mission at Dunvegan

Scale model of the Mission at Dunvegan. Includes complete interiors. Modeled by Reg Archer.


Barco Gas Powered Tamper

Used to compact dirt. Weighs between 100 to 200 pounds and can jump as much as a foot high depending on soil conditions.


Fairview Rodeo Poster 2018